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Online behaviour monitored through browser events

Editor’s contribution to, a project about Big Data and profiling that reveals browser events used to monitor online behaviour. was made by Studio Moniker and VPRO Medialab in conjuction with We Are Data, a travelling installation.

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Concept development Moniker – Roel Wouters & Luna Maurer – in collaboration with Studio Puckey and VPRO Medialab
Production Moniker
Co-producer VPRO Medialab
Web Development Tjerk Woudsma, Joes Koppers
Text Editor Kathrin Hero

Online behaviour monitored through browser events

“Mouse behavior can betray as much of your identity as your search terms. With, Studio Moniker gets you clicking consciously. Whenever you open a website, your mouse movements will be explicitly observed and commented on by an expert who talks to you. And he likes to draw conclusions. “Three quick clicks in succession? You have a tendency to be aggressive.” Sound funny? Mouse behavior is being seriously studied by real academics.
The voice continues to talk to you – even if you switch tabs on the website, he’ll try to lure you back. also seeks to stimulate you to explore all the potential interactions of your mouse with the screen. Persistence pays off!” (IDFA)

The project was showcased at IDFA DocLab: Elastic Reality, 2016.