GLU Music #1

CD, single sleeve, poster, booklet; released June 2008. Limited edition of 500 copies.

CD Jessica Gysel icw Susanne M. Winterling
Design Kathrin Hero
Photography Anne de Vries and Melanie Bonajo (poster), Wolfgang Tillmans (No Bra) and others
Publisher Capricious Publishing, NY, 2008

GLU Magazine’s musical sidestep, the ears of the mag, so to speak. GLU MUSIC #1 came in a single sleeve and contained a cd with an exquisite selection of tunes, hand-picked in collaboration with Susanne M. Winterling. Also included was a quirky poster created by Melanie Bonajo & Anne de Vries and a mini booklet for optional further reading.

Featured artists: No Bra, Light Asylum, Anat Ben-David, Amy Caron, Mathématiques Modernes, Rhythm King & Her Friends, OMG Michelle!, Hirsute, Milkymee, Bunny Rabbit, Banana Hat, Chantelle Tibbs, Pash(ly), Telepathe, Eliza Douglas, Chloé, Dominique.