Park of the Future


Park of the Future

Editor Margriet Kruyver
Essays Pietje Tegenbosch, Marina de Vries, Atte Jongstra, Clark Accord, Tineke Reijnders, Pauline Terreehorst, preface by Simon den Hartog

Photography Ahmed Helaka, Arne Kaiser, Dirk Kome, Astrid Kruse Jensen, Jan Luitjes, Petra Noordkamp, Corry Schoenarts, Annemarie Sigtermans, Monika Wiechowska, Mario Zeba
Graphic design Kathrin Hero
Publisher The Other Side of Design, De Balie, Amsterdam

Printing Calff & Meischke, robstolk, SSP, Amsterdam

22 x 27 cm, 160 pp, full color, paperback, sewn bound, offset-printed

A book published to close off the AIAS seminar of the same name that took place on the Westergasfabriek grounds in Amsterdam from 12 through 16 April,1999.
The seminar consisted of a large exhibition, lectures, a film programme, workshops, work evaluations, excursions, shows and performances.
A number of writers, journalists, students and photographers were asked to take a walk through the park in words and images. The design has succeeded in giving this book a character of its very own, making it not so much a reportage as a new Park of the Future.

Award Best Dutch Book Designs 1999

The jury:
“It is interesting to see how in recent times fashion, advertising, the visual arts and graphic design have come closer together to the extent that they are now sometimes almost interchangeable. […] Take, for instance, Park of the Future. The photography on the cover and inside the book has every appearance of having been borrowed from advertising and would not be the least bit out of place in a catalogue from Diesel or some other modern and well marketed fashion brand. The panel thought the general shape of the book was appropriate and contemporary, the picture editing strong, conceptually well thought-out and sometimes agreeably mysterious. One clever little piece of invention was the way in one of the photo sections the vertical white bars between the often fuzzy, seemingly failed photographs suggested a moving of the page.”