Who is she?

Portraits speak
Frans Hals Museum


The exhibition Who is she? in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem (NL) is centered around the monumental work Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Too” by artist and cultural activist Patricia Kaersenhout.

With this installation, building on the iconic feminist artwork The Dinner Party (1974–79) by Judy Chicago, Kaersenhout gives women of colour a place at the table: a contemporary portrait of heroines of resistance. In the exhibition, the installation is surrounded by special portraits of and about women from the period 1820 to the present day.

Women often play a supporting role in art history: as models or muses, but much less frequently as creators or central gures. For centuries the leading role was mainly played by white men, as the creators of artworks or the focus of the image. This exhibition challenges the visitor to take a new look at how women are depicted in art.

Spatial design Archetypisch
Graphic design Kathrin Hero
Ann Demeester, Manique Hendricks, Maarten de Leede and Roisin Douglas
Frans Hals Museum, 25th June 2021 – 2nd January 2022