Books that made History

Exhibition design concept and graphic design
Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden


Books that made History focuses on 25 selected books and their authors. From Galileo Galilei to Albert Einstein, and from Anna Maria van Schurman to Anton de Kom: the central theme is their strong connection with the academic history of the city of Leiden, from the founding of the university in 1575 to the present day. However, the influence of these works extends well beyond the city – and continues until today.

While contemporary ‘ambassadors’ breathe new life into the books with personal reflections through texts, the audio guide and video, visitors are invited to add their own interpretations on an interactive wall and through a voting system.

The universal meaning and value of the books is reflected in the exhibition design that treats the objects like gems: displayed in a magical blue space, that makes them feel monumental and private at the same time and perfectly lighted, they fill us with wonder.

Spatial design Archetypisch
Graphic design Kathrin Hero
Dutch National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden
In collaboration with UB Leiden
25 June 2022 – 4 September 2022
Fotografie Mike Bink