At Home with Jordaens

Thuis bij Jordaens
Frans Hals Museum


The mirror floor in Jordaens’ showroom


At Home with Joardaens
Frans Hals Museum / Hof
In collaboration with the Phoebus Foundation
15 October 2021 – 8 May 2022

Spatial design Archetypisch
Graphic design Kathrin Hero

AVROTROS.Kunst on the exhibition

About the exhibition design

The present-day reconstruction of Jordaens’ showroom with its recently restored original painted doorway and its ceiling pieces makes this exhibition a unique experience. These works have never been shown together before, except in their original place in Jordaens’ house in Antwerp. His reception room – where he received his wealthy clients – was spectacularly decorated with paintings of his own hand. Even the doorways and the ceiling were completely painted.

For this exhibition, we designed a present-day reconstruction of the reception room in which the painted doorway and ceiling paintings can be viewed in a spectacular way. With the mirror floor, visitors are literally engulfed in the paintings and can experience what it must have been like to be in Jordaens’ showroom: at home with Jordaens, surrounded by his paintings, just like he intended it to be.

The mirror floor creates a fascinating new perspective on the dazzling ceiling paintings and instantly activates visitors to engage with the room and the artworks.